Zoom Accounts and Limitations

All school district employees have access to our ECBOCES Zoom Account which provides an easy way to contact our staff and to hold video conferences.  (It does not, however, provide full pro account privileges to all users.)

During COVID, Zoom waived the 40 minute limit on Zoom accounts but this waiver expired last year.  East Central BOCES does not have enough Pro Accounts for every teacher in the BOCES and we reserve our Pro accounts (which remove limitations) for our BOCES Staff, district SPED teachers, administrators, and VNETS teachers.  We do also give out a few pro accounts for teachers for special circu.  This is decided on a one by one basis.  Any such requests should be sent to our helpdesk at help@ecboces.org.

On your computer, open the Zoom app.  This can normally be found found by typing Zoom in your Search Bar or Start Menu.

Click on Sign In

On the next screen, click on Sign In with SSO

You will then be prompted fo specify a server or domain.  Type in ecboces and click on Continue.

This will launch a webpage and bring you to the page below.  Enter your ECBOCES username or email here.  If you are an ECBOCES employee, this will redirect you to Google and you will use your ECBOCES login info there.  District employees will be prompted for their password.

Once you have logged in, you may be prompted with a popup box that asks if you want Zoom to open this site.  Select Yes or Allow on this prompt.

That should then log you into Zoom and you will be good to go.