All teachers in East Central BOCES have access to our ECBOCES Zoom account.  The advantage to using the ECBOCES account is we will be able to better support you during your conferences and you will be able to easily connect with all of the other ECBOCES teachers as well as ECBOCES staff through the Chat.

If you do not know your East Central BOCES login, go to and try to do a password reset using a username in the format of firstname.lastname.  If you do not receive an email, then try creating a new account.  If you still have problems, contact our helpdesk at

When you get your account info, log into the ECBOCES website and check your profile for errors.

Click on the arrow by your name in the top right hand corner of the screen and click on Preferences.

If you need to change your password, click on Change Password link.  Make your new password has at least 7 characters.

If you DO know your East Central BOCES login, go to, click on the Login link in the top right corner and log in there with your ECBOCES username (for district teachers, this is normally in the firstname.lastname format unless you set up your own account and selected a different username format) and password.

All new accounts and password resets take about 20 minutes to sync to the Zoom website.  If you just got an account or changed your password, please wait a little before trying to login here.

This will automatically create a Zoom account for you.  If you already have an account, it will send you an email with an option to Switch to the New Account.  CLICK ON THIS BUTTON.

Now, go to and download the client.  It is the first Download link that you see.

Go through the installation process until you have it installed and see this screen.  Click on the Sign In button.

On the next screen, click on Sign In with SSO

You will then be prompted fo specify a server or domain.  Type in ecboces and click on Continue.

Then login with your same ECBOCES credentials and you will be ready to go!

By default, teachers are given a basic account.  During the COVID crisis, Zoom is approving our districts for a free upgrade and the basic accounts have had the time limitation removed so your account will allow for full length meetings.  Once your district is approved, when you first log into the website, you should see a green banner stating that Zoom has removed the time limitation.  If you do not see that and you really need to run a conference longer than 40 minutes, please submit a request to